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FIRST is an international non-profit organization promoting and inspiring students in the field of science and technology, hence the name:

FIRST offers a number of programs including FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) for high school students, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) for middle-school students, FIRST Lego League (FLL) for late elementary students, and FIRST Lego League Jr. for early elementary students.

FRC is an annual international competition for high school students in which teams have 6 weeks to build a 125lbs robot that will compete in events playing a game that's determined with each year/season. The games are themed, and the objectives are usually something like collecting and shooting balls into a goal, climbing onto a platform, etc.

I myself have participated in FLL, FTC for a brief period, and FRC.

2019 FRC Event in Duluth, MN

2020 end-game climb in Kingsford, MI

FIRST Robotics Competition

Team 857 - Superior Roboworks

857 (originally team 221) is the first and oldest FRC team in the UP at 21 years and running. We're based out of Houghton High School in Houghton Michigan. Houghton is also one of the few school with all 4 FIRST programs, meaning many of our members come from the FTC SnowBots teams, and many stay on later as mentors.

Houghton has 3 FTC teams that feed into 857, SnowBots Red, SnowBots Blue, and SnowBots Silver. 857 also hosts the FTC kickoff and the FTC teams host the FRC kickoff.

The 2020 season was especially exciting as it was the first time in the team's history where we won our first district event and brought home a blue banner, ending the so-called "blue banner drought". We also won the Innovation in Control award, which we had never won previously.

Team photo after win in Kingsford, MI

2020 Bot Francois XXI during match

My Roles

Drive Team

For both the 2020 and 2019 seasons I was given roles on the drive team, I currently hold the position of operator, and in 2019 I was human player and also I guess stand-in technician for a short while.


My primary role would probably be as lead programmer which is a title that I kind of just assumed. The codebase for the robot for the 2020 season was programmed in Java by me and can be found on the team's GitHub.


In addition to programming I'm also one of the team's media coordinators, I do some of the photography, design graphics, make buttons, things of that sort.

Discord Administration?

I'm also the head admin of the team's Discord server, basically someone said it would be cool if we had a server, so I went out and made one. I also created a custom Discord bot that manages server announcements and takes emails from the email list and posts them in the server. It also performs basic administrative duties like role assignment.

2019 and 2020 Seasons