FIRST Robotics Competition

Team 857 - Superior Roboworks

FRC is an international competition for high school students to design and build a robot to eventually compete against other teams performing tasks to score points. The 2018-2019 game was Destination: Deep Space. Our team is #857 - Superior Roboworks.

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Team Photo with 2019 competition bot

yes, im the awkward one with the oversized t-shirt and headphones...

FRC Event in Duluth, MN

Michigan Tech Summer Youth Programs

Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

For Michigan Tech's 2019 summer youth programs, I attended a new GenCyber camp partnered with the Computer Networking and System Administration department and NSA. We installed Kali Linux on Raspberry Pis and used them to sniff wireless packets, dismantled computers and servers, recovered data off windows machines without passwords, cracked shadow file passwords with hashcat, and much much more.

Group photo in front of the husky statue outside the EERC

Another student working on passwords activity

Michigan Tech Copper Country Coders

Computer Programming

Copper Counter Coders is a weekly student-taught program at MTU aiming to introduce middle and high school students to computer science and programming. Participants are divided into groups working on different projects. I was in the Advanced Game Development group in 2018-2019.

I've attended this for ~4 years. Peviously, we've made 2D games with Java, Android apps in Android Studio, Minecraft mods, animations & simple games with Processing, BASIC programs, and simple websites.

If you wanna check out all the projects we've done you can see them here.

A picture of a random piece of game code at an offset angle with a tilt-shift modifier for a e s t h e t i c