For whatever reason, it would appear that you have stumbled upon my domain within the tangled web of spaghetti that is the internet. I made this as a personal project because I was bored one day, so don't expect much.

The design and content was originally recreated from a website I made for a school project which was supposed to be a portfolio type thing, but I don't really have anything to show off, so, yeah.

Everything here was created from scratch and is hosted on a raspberry pi 3B+ with 1GB of RAM, so sorry if things are a bit slow.


About Me

Hello, yes I am me. I do things with computers. Sometimes those things are useful, most of the time they are not.

For example, I've spent at least 200 hours making this website; configuring a raspberry pi as a webserver, making the webpages, migrating to AWS, migrating back to another pi, spending 12 hours wondering why the f r i c k my apache vhost configs weren't redirecting HTTP to HTTPS, all so that Russian bots can crawl around looking for wordpress vulnerabilities.

Anyway, hi, I'm Jacob.

I'm a high school student with a strong interest in computer science and technology living in Houghton*, MI. That's the best description I can think of... Uhhhh... I do programming sometimes... idk...

Things that I do sometimes

I have a lot of interests...

(Not that I'm proficient in any of them)

  • Digital 3D Graphics
    • Blender 3D, Substance Designer, and Substance Painter
  • Software Engineering
    • Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, and Rust
  • Digital Graphic Design
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, and Blender 3D
  • Video Editing and SFX
    • Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Sony Vegas Pro
  • Photography, Videography, and Audio Production
    • Lightroom, Audition, Audacity, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and OBS Studio
  • Web Development
    • GNU/Linux, Git, Apache, SQL, PHP, and Node.js
  • Web Design (you can see how well that's going...)
    • HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery
  • Computer Hardware
    • Building, Fixing, Upgrading, etc.


Keweenaw Family Discovery Center

2015 - 2019

Up until 2019 I had been home-schooled and took electives at a home school partnership under CLK. I took many classes there including an FLL & FTC robotics team, an introduction to electrical engineering, applied mathematics, criminal forensics, computer technology, 3D printing, and woodworking class.

Houghton Central High School


After a while it became apparent that I was no longer being challenged with the course offerings at KFDC and decided to join Houghton High School in the second semester of 2019. I'm currently enrolled in CTE Computer Networking and Cybersecurity and AP Computer Science Principals as elective classes.

Future Plans

I know I'd like to get a degree in computer science or something similar, but beyond that I have no idea.

Online Presence

I don't really use social media but on the very rare occasion that I do, it's primarily under the alias of RoyalSlothKing (don't ask).
A full list of accounts under this alias can be found here. Otherwise, the full list of accounts under various names that I own but don't use would take about an hour to list off so here are the ones that matter: